Cacia showsCacia


Our little Cacia is so different at shows from how she is at home. During the grooming and preparation she always acts as though she so tired and bored. When people come to say hello to her, she often sticks her nose high up in the air with her Diva routine, but after the show is over she goes home and acts like a spaz. I am grateful she keeps the spaz routine out of the ring. I had enough of that challenge from my Cadeau (who happens to be her uncle). Because she and Cadie are the same age, they were usually in the ring at the same time, which meant she has had lot of my friends taking her into the ring. She doesn't seem to mind. She goes with whoever has the chicken.


Cacia finished her championship on November 26, 2011 under Sandra Goose Allen. She still has her nose up in the air.







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