Cadeau 1st ShowCadeau in Show

Our 1st Show & Our 1st Points

Cadeau took his first two points on his very first day out as a puppy in the ring at the Middleburg Kennel Club show. Even more amazing, he did it with me as his handler on my first day in the conformation ring as well. Judge Joan Goldstien overlooked our lack of grace in the ring and gave us a few times to get it right. While we were taking this picture she said she loved his head. You can see here by how he is set up (or rather not set up) that I had a lot to learn about presenting him at his best. Cadeau had a tendency to get a little too excited in the ring and so getting him to settle down took lots of practice. We went to lots of handling classes and matches and were blessed to make a number of friends along the way. One of those friends was Paul Gates of Destinee Pomeranians. Paul showed Cadeau to his exciting finish with back to back majors. We have video of the first day. He gave us everything we asked for and took the 4pt Major and the Best of Breed win under Judge Grace Moran. He gave us a perfect repeat the next day, May 17, 2009, taking the Major and Best of Breed again, this time under Judge Jean Lade. He showed beautifully. When he came out of the ring a new champion, he knew he had done something very special. He gave me a huge kiss and seemed almost as proud of himself as I was of him. Of course, I am just thrilled with my first Champion.




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