I am embarrassed to admit that I used to be one of those people who snickered at dog show people. I loved the dogs, and I always watched Westminster, but I didn't get the show thing. It all seemed like some kind of ego thing, like a beauty pageant. All I can say is that I am glad that wisdom sometimes takes time. I have learned. The primary purpose of dog shows is to evaluate and improve breeding practices to ensure the preservation of our beloved breed. It is also a chance to learn. Exhibitors are constantly learning. Fanciers find mentors to guide them. They learn about the structure, movement, breed type and the grooming techniques that enhance the beauty of these dogs. In the end, as someone who loves to learn, this is ultimately what I love most about going to dog shows (other than the fun of spending the day with my best friend).


To learn more about the sport of dog shows, and how dogs earn a conformation championship title, check out the rules of the sport.



ObedienceCherryB 1st Rally Leg

To me obedience is really about communication. By working in obedience we learn to communicate what we want and our dogs learn effective and appropriate ways to communicate what they want from us.

I took my first obedience class in 2001 after I cam home from seeing my first Obedience trial at the Maltese Specialty. I was very impressed by what I saw there. I couldn't understand why so few people were doing obedience with their Maltese. I wondered why we would leave all the fun to the Border Collie's and Goldens when we have such a smart and loving breed. Since then, I have been sold; I have taken every one of my Maltese through obedience classes. Many have earned their CGC.


What they say about teaching an old dogs new tricks is just a myth. My Cloud, who always tried hard to be obedient and communicate with me long before his obedience classes, started training when he was already 10. He earned his CD title when he was 12. It was like we found a new language that we could share.


To learn more about Obedience and Rally Obedience titles read about what the AKC titles mean.


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