Cloud CDCloud earns his CD title


I began taking training classes with my Cloud after going to the Maltese specialty in 2001 and being enthralled by the dogs there competing in the obedience ring. I was sure Cloud could do that. He was such a good dog. He always wanted to please me. It took a lot of time and work. But in August of 2003 when he was 12 years of age, he competed for his CD title. On his first day out in competition he earned his first leg and a prize for being the top scoring toy dog there that day. His second leg was earned at the Atlanta Kennel Club show. We had a great time showing with our friends from the Atlanta Obedience Club there cheering us on. His third and final leg toward his CD title came the next day, just in time for my birthday. I told him he gave his mommy the best birthday present ever.





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