CherryB in RallyEarlyRally

CherryB was the puppy I kept for show out of our first litter of CloudClan puppies. We started training her for conformation and even some Rally right from the start, but it wasn't until she finished her Championship entirely out of the Bred-By-Exhibitor class that I started bringing her to the Rally training club where her mother had been working with me for the last year. She earned her Rally Novice title at the 2013 National Specialty and has also earned her title in World Cynosport Rally (formerly APDT rally). Just like her mother, she earned an Award of Excellence for her high scores. On one of her best runs, she beat the times of all the other dogs including the border collies as we flew through the cones and spirals. She is so much fun to take in the ring. She has plenty of attitude and can be a total brat when she wants to be, but she has so much fun when she is doing rally and it shows. She has qualified two years in a row for the AKC Rally National Championships. We expect her to qualify again this year. She has also won the American Maltese Association Rally Dog of the year for 2013 and 2014 (following in her mother's footsteps).


Like her mother she is building on to the titles of her name. Her version of Alpahbet Soup when her titles are added: ARCH GCh. CloudClan Cascading Cherry Blossoms RE, RL2, RL1X, CW-ZR-1, CGC. This summer, she will again join her mother and I at Laurie Williams' Pup N' Iron in Virgina.








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