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Our Clan

Our Name- Learn about how we were introduced to this beautiful breed and learn about the two special Maltese we honor with the name CloudClan.

Our Dogs- Our precious Maltese.

Cacia- Ch Jacob's Arizona Sunshine. Pedigree
Cadie- Ch MaltAngel Cascading Starlight. Pedigree
Cadeau- Ch Jacob's Beau Cadeau des Anges. Pedigree
CherryB- GCh CloudClan Cascading Cherry Blossoms. Pedigree
Cherish - Ch Grace's Cherished Gift for CloudClan. Pedigree
Charm - GCh CloudClan Million Dollar Smile. Pedigree
Cricket - CloudClan Starlight Serenade Pedigree

At the Rainbow Bridge- Visit the place where our furkids stay in our hearts.

Clancy-Our lovely lady who crossed the bridge on Christmas Day 1999.
Clouseau-Our loving guy who crossed the bridge on December 26, 2006.
Cloud- Our perfect prince who crossed the bridge on January 23, 2007.
Cameo- Our sassy princess who crossed the bridge on January 10, 2009.
Calypso- Our brave little fighter who crossed the bridge December 28, 2009.

Our Mom- Meet Carina, Mom to the dogs in our Clan.

Our Grandmom- Meet Andrea, Grandma to the dogs in the Clan.

Our Puppies- Learn about our current breeding program.

Our Extended Clan - Meet the puppies who have grown our Clan.

Our Show Dogs

Conformation & Competitive Obedience-Understand the world of show dogs.

Ch Cadeau in Show- See some highlights and photos of Cadeau's show career.
Ch Cadie in Show- See highlights and photos of Cadie's show career.
Ch Cacia in Show- See highlights and photos of Cacia's show career.
GCh CherryB in Show- See highlights and photos of CherryB's show carrer
Ch Cherish in Show - See highlights and photos of Cherish's show career.
GCh Charm in Show - See highlights and photos of Charm's show career.
Cricket in Show - watch Cricket's progress toward her championship.

Cloud earns CD- See how Cloud earned his CD title.
Cadie in Rally - See hightlights of Cadie's career in Rally Obedience.
CherryB in Rally - See highlights of CherryB's career in Rally Obedience.

Rules of the Sport-Learn the rules of how a dog earns a championship.
Alphabet Soup- Learn about what all of those performance titles really mean.

Our Helping Paws

Maltese Rescue- Learn more about our volunteer work with breed rescue.

Caly's Story-Our girl who taught us about strength and endurance.
Charlie & Chaplin-A story of two guys who went from the streets to resort living.

Therapy Dogs- Learn more about the best volunteer job ever.

Cameo's work-see how our princess helped heal with her special touch.

Maltese Info

Maltese History- Learn about the ancient origins of our beloved breed.

Maltese Health- Learn about some health concerns of the breed.

Maltese Standard- Read the standard and understand why it matters.

Links & Books- Read more, and more, and more.

FAQs Have more questions? read the FAQs

Contact- Like us on Facebook or Contact us.

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