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I have loved Rally Obedience since I took my first class with it back before it was a titling event in the AKC. Both my Cloud and my Cameo went to Rally classes with me, but I never did have the chance to earn a title in Rally on either of them. Ten years later, Cadie gave me that opportunity. We started taking classes soon after she finished her AKC championship. But then I had to take a break so she could have our first litter of CloudClan puppies. Almost a year later we were ready to go back in the ring. She took her first two AKC Rally legs at the Cherry Blossom Cluster, where her daughter CherryB earned her first Best of Breed win. She was able to compete in APDT rally a few weeks later, taking her RL1 title with an Award of Excellence for her high scores. She finished her AKC Rally Novice title at AMA Nationals in San Diego. She earned the AMA award for Rally Dog of the year 2012, and her daughter CherryB has begun her own Rally career. At the AMA national in 2013 Cadie earned her Rally Advanced title and her daughter CherryB earned her Rally Novice title. A couple of weeks later the mother/daughter duo went and got their WCR (formerly APDT) equivalent titles and earned Awards of Excellent along the way. The mother/daughter duo continues to impress. Cadie has completed the highest title AKC offers in Rally the RAE and qualified for Rally National Championships along with her daughter again this year.


Her name is starting to look like Alpahbet Soup when her titles are added: ARCH Ch. MaltAngel Cascading Starlight RAE, RL1X, RL2X, CW-ZR-1 CGC. She is not done yet. This summer, she and I are going to Camp Rally at Laurie Williams' Pup N' Iron in Virgina for the fourth year in a row.








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