Clancy in Laundry


Our beautiful Clancy came to us when she was already 8 or 9 years old. We adopted her at PetSmart from the Henry County Humane Society. We had limited information about her history, but from what we were told, we know that she was used as a breeding dog by a Back Yard Breeder until her usefulness to them was done and they surrendered her to the Humane Society. We picked her up on a cold night in January 1996. To me she looked very tiny. She was between 5-6 pounds, but this was smaller than my Cloud. In her puppy-cut, I could hardly believe she was a full grown girl. I drove home with her in an ice storm. She cried the whole way home. Once home, she met Cloud and that made everything all right. She loved him. She tried to sleep curled up on him. He wasn't as thrilled, having never shared his space with another dog, he didn't know what to make of her.

Clancy was full of kisses and loved laundry. If laundry was ever piled around a room she would find her way into it. She was with us for just four short years. She died on Christmas Day 1999. She had a loving, compassionate and maternal spirit. She was the first of my Maltese to cross the Rainbow Bridge, and I know she has been there to help each of my other beloved furbabies who have made their way there.



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