CherryB in the Blossoms

ARCH GCh. CloudClan Cascading Cherry Blossoms, RE CGC RL2 RL1X CW-ZR1

CherryB was given this name because she was born on the last day of the Cherry Blossom festival here in our Nation's capital. The beautiful and beloved cherry blossoms were an important gift to our nation and her sire's name means gift. Also, I was able to incorporate the "cascading" part of her dam's name. Finally, when I was considering the name, I read that in Japan cherry blossom trees symbolize clouds. All together the name seemed to make it a perfect fit for our first bred-by CloudClan show girl out of our first litter of Maltese. She seems to have the best of her parents Ch Cadeau and Ch Cadie. Most signifigantly, her sweet attitude she inherited from her mom and she seems to have inherited her dad's musical talents.


She took Reserve to the Major on her first day in the ring at just 6 months of age. She recently earned her championship finishing with 3 majors including a five point major. We are so proud of her as our first Bred-By-Exhibitor Champion. We had so much fun showing her we just could not stop. She went on to earn her Grand Championship as well as taking on the Rally rings like her mother.

Her littermate Ch. MaltAngel CloudClan Room to Move "Leah" finished her own championship shown as a young puppy on the west coast for her owner, Sheila Riley of MaltAngel Maltese, by the top Maltese Junior Handler in the country, Marina Nagatani, and then sent back here for a short time to finish her own Championship with me. Leah made quick work of completing her championship while staying with us, winning all the points she still needed in just 3 shows.


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