Calypso "Caly"

Calypso came to us as a foster dog. She was living in very difficult circumstances. Her previous family was a very poor fit for a Maltese. When Caly was only one year old, she was shot with a BB gun into her abdomen. This happened when she was left along outside to fend for herself while her family was gone. The family suspected young neighborhood boys had done this to her when she rolled over for a tummy rub. Her family later had children of their own. When they called Rescue to surrender her, they had triplet four year old boys, and a two year old boy. Likely because Caly had lost trust in humans, Caly was not trustworthy with the children. She was a fear biter. In addition, to all of these problems, Caly had also lost an eye due to an infection. She had been living outside in the Georgia clay when we picked her up and she was the orange color of the clay.

After she came to stay with us she cleaned up quickly and because a beautiful white maltese. Her emotional scars did not clean up so easily. At first she would not walk to us, she crawled out of fear. We thought something was wrong with her legs. But that was not the case. Caly became more confident and showed us what a bright and strong girl she is. She has never learned to trust completely, but she has learned to love.



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