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There are a lot of wonderful Maltese sites on the web. Here are some we visit often:


American Maltese Association- This the website of the AKC Maltese breed parent club. They maintain a breeder referal list as well as information about the annual specialty.

Spoiled Maltese-This website has a wonderful forum for owners who enjoy finding ever more ways to be sure that their Maltese are as pampered and well-cared for as possible.

Maltese Pedigree Database- This database is a wonderful research tool to find your dog's ancestors. It is updated frequently.


Maltese Magnifying GlassOur Dog Book Shelf

I love to read. I always have. For me reading is an obsession almost as great as my obsession with my dogs. Reading about dogs is a wonderful marriage of my two obsessions. Over the years, I have collected something of a library of dog related reading material. I have made a reading list in a PDF file.


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