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Q: Do you breed or do you have puppies?

A: After 20 years of owning Maltese, I bred my first litter in April 2011. I had a long time to consider my philosophy on breeders and breeding. I did not make the decision lightly. Breeding dogs is a huge responsibility. The issue of homeless/unwanted pets is real. Health implications are real. Breeding truly is a life and death equation. Reputable/responsible/ethical breeders do not breed just for the fun of it, and they certainly do not breed out of a desire to make money using these precious souls. A great breeder is committed not only to the welfare of his or her dogs, but also the welfare of future generations and the breed itself. I have a wealth of admiration for those experienced breeders who have served the role of guardians of the Maltese breed.


I have worked over the last few years to learn from peers in the fancy, a few of whom have become my mentors. I have joined the American Maltese Association and the Chesapeake Toy Dog Fanciers in the interest of learning more from experienced breeders and exhibitors. Under the guidance of his breeder, Debbie Cleckley, my champion boy Cadeau has been bred to her girls and produced lovely show stars. My beautiful champion girl Cadie has been bred recently under the guidance of her breeder Sheila Riley. Sheila and I are excited with the results of this first litter and we each have a lovely girl from that breeding in the ring. At some point in the future, I look forward to enjoying puppies again, but I do not have any current breedings expected.

If you are looking to add a pet to your family, you may wish to read the ASPCA statement on responsible breeding. It is a well considered document. After encouraging people to consider adopting from shelters and rescues, it addresses one key point: Never buy a puppy from a petstore. Petstore puppies come exclusively from comercial breeding programs also known as PuppyMills. No reputable breeder would ever sell their dogs through a pet store. To find a reputable breeder you will also want to avoid Back Yard Breeders. This comparison chart that shows the difference between reputable breeders and BYBs.

To find breeders in your area you may wish to visit your local dog shows where you can have the pleasure of seeing the Maltese show. You can find AKC dog shows and events on their website. Another great resource is the American Maltese Association Breeder Referral List.

Q: Do you have any rescues available?

A: We do occasionally foster dogs, but we do not make the placement decisions ourselves. We have volunteered with United Maltese Rescue and placements are handled through application to that group. If you are not local to the Baltimore/DC area, you can instead visit for available Maltese near you. We strongly urge anyone who is looking to add a pet Maltese to the family to consider adopting from rescue.

Q: Where did you get your Maltese?

A: My first Maltese came from my neighbor, and she did not continue breeding Maltese. All the dogs in between were adopted through rescue groups until I decided that I wanted to get involed in showing. My show boy, Cadeau, came from Debbie Cleckley of Jacob Maltese in Alabama. After finishing his championship title, I added two show girls, Cadie, from Sheila Riley of MaltAngel Maltese in central California, and Cacia who also comes from Jacob Maltese.

Q: How can I get involved in Animal Assisted Therapy?

A: We got involved with Happy Tails therapy dog program when we lived in Atlanta. Many areas have their own programs. For instance, here in Maryland there is a group called Pets on Wheels. On a national level there are several wonderful groups that can help you get certified and find volunteer opportunities near you. I am a particular fan of the Delta Society.

Q: How can I get involved in obedience training my Maltese?

A: Working with my dogs in obedience has tremendously enhanced our relationship. If you are interested in seeing how obedience can work for you, it is important to find a training facility that uses positive training methods. In some areas this can be tough to do. Again, going to dog shows and watching the obedience ring can be helpful. Look for the small dogs doing performance. Pay attention to those that seem to enjoy working with their handlers. After they come out of the ring, you can go ask their handlers for local resources.


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