Cameo at work

Cameo's Work

The year Cameo came to us, she helped to heal our hearts from the loss of our precious Clancy. She began obedience classes with her older brothers and quickly earned her CGC. Later that year, I broke both of my arms and she nursed me back to health. We realized that she was blessed with a gift of healing powers. We wanted to share her gift with others. She became a certified therapy dog through Happy Tails Animal Assisted therapy group in Atlanta. Once certified, she visited nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals brining smiles and joy wherever she visited. She was always happy to be held and have her long hair stroked. Nothing pleased her more than to have people tell her how beautiful she was. All of this made her an ideal fit for this special work. In her last year before she left us, she again brought her talents back to help our family as her grandma went into the hospital for six weeks with a badly broken ankle.




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